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Odd Jobs

And hence we have the true origins of a good workman never blames his tools! Tis true we should not blame our tools for poor work done shabbily, but we should own high quality tools and endever to know how to use them!!

Lost Art Press


Let any farmer or person of moderate means look round his house and make a careful minute of all the odd jobs he will find which require to be done. Let him take paper or a memorandum book and note them down. He will find at least twenty little matters requiring repair or amendment. The plank-way to the well or yard; the fence round the garden; a garden gate that will open easily and close itself; repairs to the box protecting the well or cistern; mending tools, harness—and in short almost innumerable small matters all wanting to be done, either on wet days or at some leisure time.

Every one who is not a natural sloven is fully aware of the necessity of attending to these matters, but the great difficulty is he has no tools. His experience goes to show that the last time he tried to do…

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When you boil it all down... You get maple syrup!!!

Homemade maple syrup evaporater. Made some sweet maple styrup today. It has been a slow year, but finally got enough sap to boil. Thanks goes out to my wonderful wife for allowing me time for my crazy hobbies!!!!!!!